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Aeropilates Reformer Review

Aeropilates Review

For my birthday this year I received my very own Aeropilates machine! I had been dropping hints to my husband about wanting a reformer for a few months, but have to admit I had never heard of the Aeropilates machine until I received one as a gift. I was really excited to try it out. I’m not really the gym-going type so I had never used a reformer before purchasing the Aeropilates. The core-building benefits of Pilates always appealed to me though, and it looked like a  graceful, fun, low-impact and creative form of exercise.

My husband and I worked on the assembly together and it took us about 45 minutes start to finish.  The construction seems pretty sturdy, and it is rated for up to 250 lbs. It comes with a curved, wide foot bar and a trampoline attachment. The bar is used for your more traditional Pilates exercises and the trampoline is used for the cardiovascular workout. I like doing a workout that combines some traditional Pilates moves with segments of cardio, so I keep the trampoline attachment on it all the time. It also comes with two instructional DVD’s and a poster (see below), that shows the various exercises that can be done with the machine. I only needed to watch the DVD’s once and glance over the poster to get going, and I have created my own personalized workout from that information.

The machine has four heavy-duty, elastic cords that can be adjusted to add or decrease resistance during the workout. I usually keep it on 3 or 4 cords during the rebounding and leg exercises using the ropes and then 2 or 3 for upper body exercises using the ropes. It’s interesting that by going from 4 cords to 3 during the rebounding actually works different muscles—4 cords works my legs and butt and 3 cords works my abs more.

I have used the machine every day for a month now and can definitely feel a difference in my body. I feel more toned and feel like my posture is better. I have also lost about 5 lbs., which I wasn’t necessarily expecting. Prior to this I primarily did aerobic workouts at home and jogged, and I wasn’t sure if the Pilates workouts would burn as many calories or not. I really like the movements of the Pilates routines, as they stretch your muscles in addition to strengthening them. I especially feel the stretching when I am doing leg exercises with the ropes.

A few features that I think could be improved upon: 1) The ropes are a little squeaky. I have gotten used to the noise, but it might be annoying to some people. 2) The ropes are a tad hard to adjust. If you need to change the length of the ropes you have to undo the knot that tied onto the straps and then I found it a little challenging to get both ropes exactly the same length this way. For me this isn’t a big issue because I don’t change the length of my ropes, but if multiple people were using the same machine it might become  cumbersome.
Overall, I love the machine and highly recommend it! Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments below! Please scroll down for my workout, it's great for beginners!

Here is my workout: Approximately 32 – 40 minutes long

4 cords/bouncing on rebounder

75 both feet jumping

50 slalom

25 straight leg

25 split jump

25 single leg

6-10 sets of 10/The hundred


50 Leg lowers

25 Wide leg circles clockwise

25 Wide leg circles counterclockwise

25 Straddles

4 cords/bouncing on rebounder (repeat this 2-4 times)

25 both feet jumping

25 slalom

25 straight leg

25 split jump

25 single leg

2 cords/Ropes/arms- sitting position facing ropes

25 Rows

25 Reverse arm extensions

50 Right Side lying jumping with upper leg (lower leg extended slightly forward)

50 Left Side lying jumping with upper leg (lower leg extended slightly forward)

2 cords/ Ropes/ Sitting up facing rebounder

25 Serve the Brownies

25 Tree Hugger

25 Overhead Extension

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