Friday, January 13, 2012

Create Your Dream Closet-- It's Like Having Your Own Personal Boutique!

Have you ever wished that you could have a beautiful, huge dream closet like you see in magazines, you know complete with a chandelier, built-in shelving and even furniture? Over-the-top closets aren't just for celebrities anymore, and you don't need a space the size of a football field in order to have a fun, functional and personalized dressing area. If your master bedroom doesn't have a large walk-in or an adjoining sitting room, you could consider using a corner of your bedroom or a guest room.

Regardless of the space that you select, your "dream closet" shouldn't be hard to create-- it should be easy because it should be all the things you love (but might not use elsewhere in the house). But this is YOUR space, so decorate it with YOUR style! Another way to  think about it is as if it were your own personal boutique where everything is your size! Think about how your favorite boutiques look and feel, and then try to re-create that. 

 Here are some ideas for creating your own dream closet! 
  • Select the space you would like to use whether it's your walk-in, an adjoining sitting room, a guest room or just a corner of your bedroom.
  • Hang a huge mirror with an ornate frame in silver or gold.
  • Purchase a fun piece of furniture that you can lounge on (while contemplating your outfits for the day.) This could be a small sofa, ottoman, chaise lounge or anything else. Don't forget a fun rug too!
  • Hang lots of glass shelves along one wall for displaying your prettiest shoes. Add track lighting to show them off.  (Hide the ugly ones, or better yet get rid of them!)
  • Install built-in shelving in varying heights (Create spaces with a bar for hanging clothes and others for folded items like sweaters.) If you can't do built-ins, consider purchasing stand-alone shelving.
  • Add a table in the center of the space which can be used for arranging accessories such as scarves, jewelry, etc...

  • If you need extra space for hanging clothes, purchase a clothing rack (a steel one that is sturdy) and place it in the corner with your favorite items only. Plan out your outfits and then hang them grouped together here.
  • Hang a chandelier in the center of the room.
  • Purchase a dress form, a great way to try out different outfits and it looks so cool too!
  • Since this is your space, try personalizing it with a splash of your favorite color. Try painting one wall with this color and then add coordinating furniture and accessories.
  • Consider wallpaper. Bold graphic patterns or vertical stripes add personality and provide an interesting backdrop for your clothing.
  • Add glamourous fixtures.   An antique-looking doorknob adds a beatiful touch and you can go one step further and add similar dresser drawer pulls to really pull the look together!
  • Add an inspiration board or pretty corkboard to display magazine clippings of your favorite outfits.
  • Display a few framed photographs with fancy frames (think bold silver or rhinestone frames).
  • Add some style books to the shelf.




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