Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Say Cheese! Tips for Looking Your Best in Pictures!

Have you ever noticed how some people ALWAYS seem to look great in pictures?   It often suprises me how some people look nothing like themselves in pictures.  I'm not sure how this happens, but here are some tips to help you look your best during the holidays or anytime!

1. FIND NATURAL LIGHT. Stay away from overhead lights, and look for places with good natural light for a picture. Believe it or not, an overcast day is one of the best opportunities for outdoor pictures because of the diffused natural light. Similarly, inside picture taking is enhanced when lots of natural light makes it way in through windows, and then you can supplement with artificial lighting (whatever lighting is in the room.)
2. STAND TALL...and look thinner. Turn slightly to the side so that one shoulder is closer to the camera and then look forward to the lens.
3. AVOID THE DOUBLE CHIN- Make sure that your picture taker is taller than you or you’ll end up with a double chin. Lens should be at eye level or above. Push your chin out an inch or so more than normal also.
4. TAN (IN A BOTTLE OF COURSE)- I always feel like I look better in pictures if I have been using sunless tanner on my face and neck. Especially in the winter. It just gives you a little extra glow.
5. BRIGHTEN YOUR SMILE- Use teeth whitener, and apply shiny gloss to your lips. This does two things—helps you smile wide and makes your mouth look fuller. If you wear lipstick, go with a shade that is two tones darker than your natural, and only wear a natural color liner. You should still put gloss on top.
6. KEEP IT MATTE- Do not have any shine on your skin. Keep it matte with extra powder. This is really important. NO SHINY SKIN!
7. FOCUS ON THE EYES- Make your eyes look larger by blending darker shadow colors in the crease and light, shimmery ones on the brow bones. Apply eyeliner from the outside of the lower lash to almost the inner part. You may also want to wear an extra coat of mascara.
8. GET A GLOW- Blush is tricky. You should wear some, but not too much. Practice around with it. I like to put a peachy-pink cream blush on the apples of my cheeks and then go over it with blush cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin.
Last tip—think of something really funny or that makes you happy (your kids; your dog; your grande, skim, extra-hot latte with whip) to get a natural smile during pictures. The best pictures are the ones where you genuinely are feeling happy!

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