Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make an Inspiration Board! (Or a really cool corkboard for anywhere!)

I had the MOST fun making this for my office. This is an inspiration board to hang on my wall, and you can make one too for whatever your interests may be! An inspiration board is great for collecting ideas that of course inspire you!  Although this one is for my office, you could make a fashion-related one to hang in your closet, featuring all of your favorite looks and ideas! I also think you could make smaller versions with someone's name to be used as a corkboard. Would make a cute Christmas present!

So here is how I made it:

1. I took a large regular corkboard with a wooden frame and spray painted it gold. (You could do silver or try another color but I really love the metallic.)
2. I bought self-adhesive silver letters from Michael's (I bought two packs by "Recollections" and started playing around with the words until I came up with my scrabble-style design.) * Just a reminder not to remove the sticker back until you are sure of what you want to do with the letters.
3. I went through some recent magazines to find things that I really love and attached them with plain silver push-pins. I also made some flower push pins out of paper flowers (by Gartner/BRIDES "White and Black Confetti" available at Michael's also.) They are easy to make- just put a pin through the center of a flower. I filled in spaces where there weren't any pictures with little bunches of these.
4. I also added a few big silver snowflakes-- you can add whatever you like!
5. You can't see it but I attached a really wide pink ribbon tied in a huge bow at the top. I'll add more pictures as soon as I can so you can see!

If you make one, post a picture on Facebook. I'd love to see!

Some of the items used in this project are now available on Etsy! Click the links below the pictures!


  1. this is great! i love the idea; cannot wait to try.


    ps great blog! now following.

  2. Thanks Nic! I am glad you like it. It was so much fun to make! Make sure you post a picture when you're done to our facebook page. Thanks for following and for the nice compliment:)