Monday, November 28, 2011

Silver and White Holiday Decor Ideas!

A palette of silver and shades of white is a really pretty decorating look that matches almost all home interiors. I never see table runners that I like in the stores, so I usually look for unique items that can be used instead.   Here,  I created a table runner out of two scarves, tying the ends together into a big fluffy bow and letting the ends drape all the way down to the floor. These glittery silver trees are from  Home Goods, and the napkin rings are Shabby Chic shower hooks from Target! (I've used these for other projects too-love them!) Silver chargers and napkins from Target too.

I cut a few small branches off of a pine tree in our yard for this idea, and these reindeer are from Target. I alternated them along one of our dining room window sills.

Three snowflake ornaments (available almost anywhere that sells Christmas decorations) fit inside this round vase perfectly.  An off-white candle is in the center. This is very pretty in the evening.

This is a flameless candle wrapped in some beautiful white paper that I found at Michael's. I just cut the paper to size and attached the ends with a glue stick. (You can use a rubber band or a piece of string to hold it in place until the glue dries.) I definitely recommend using a flameless candle with this one for obvious reasons.

Some more decorations made from a pine branch! I simply tied this sage-colored ribbon around the branches and then tied a big bow around the door knob. Of course, pick your favorite color ribbon and you could add some jingle bells too!

An oversized hurricane vase from Pottery Barn holds these snowy-white branches. I found some crystals in varying sizes to hang and then added a piece of the sage-colored ribbon around the vase.

An easy idea for decorating your dining room table chairs.

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