Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be the "Hostess with the Most-est" this Holiday Season!

If you are hosting guests for Thanksgiving or Christmas, here are a few tips for making your guests feel right at home! If you are going to be a guest in someone’s home, read on, because we have a few tips for you too! To be the “Hostest with the Most-est” follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have super-happy houseguests!

1. Clean, clean, clean. The guest bedroom and bathroom should be spotless. Vacuum, dust, windex, and scrub that tub! If you are adverse to cleaning (like 99% of us), you can make it a little more fun by cranking up some tunes and using a fun cleaning product like Meyer’s Clean Day. For some reason when I clean using Meyer’s products, it’s more enjoyable—I think because they smell so good and I know that what I’m breathing in isn’t toxic. They have several different scents, which are made out of all-natural essential oils and the products are good for the environment and biodegradable. My favorite is the lavender scent.

2. Make a Cozy Bed. You will want to make sure that the guest bed has nice clean sheets and enough blankets. If you really want to pamper your guests, you could pick up some 1000-count Egyptian cotton sheets, which are so luxurious and soft! Also, make sure the room has adequete privacy (blinds or shades that function), as well as a reading light, and an alarm clock next to the bed.

3. Clothing Storage. You will want to make sure that there is a place to hang clothes in a closet (make sure you have enough hangers) and you might want to clear out a few dresser drawers or pick up a luggage rack.

4. Bedroom Extras.  Here are a few extra-nice touches for your guests: fresh flowers next to the bed,  a bedside bottle of water and a magazine or books.

5.Bathroom Essentials. Just in case your guest forgot something (or if their toiletries were confiscated by airport security, lol) you can make a little basket of bathroom products. Fill it with things like a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, and a fresh bar of soap. There's nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot your toothbrush, so this will score you extra points!

6. Towels, Washcloths. And don’t forget to provide at least two towels and a washcloth per guest. Bath sheets are my favorite—they are huge towels that you can wrap your entire body in. They are great!

If you are the guest-
1.You might want to consider bringing a small gift-- flowers, soap, candles, or a dessert.
2.If you go out to dinner, it’s nice to offer to pick up the tab.
3.Pitch in- help with dishes, walk the dog, help watching the kids. With the extra work of the holidays, your host will much appreciate your help!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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