Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Five Steps for Creating a Gorgeous Rustic-Chic Wedding!

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What is a rustic-chic wedding? It usually includes a rustic venue like a barn, historic site, or even backyard with a mix of earthy and glamorous décor.  The contrast of old, historic and earthy versus modern and glamorous is very beautiful and unique. In the picture below you can see the rustic elements including the interior architecture of a barn, colorful pennant garland,  and then more modern elements like the white linens and elegant table setting.  Find more inspiration for your rustic-chic wedding below!

1. Select a Rustic Venue

I have always been a fan of rustic weddings, and in fact my very own wedding had a rustic flare to it, held at Historic Baldwin Hall in Millersville, Maryland (pictured above.) There is something really special about old buildings like this one, which was originally built  as a church in 1861, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It features gorgeous arched windows, a lofty Victorian tile ceiling, chandeliers and hardwood floors. It also has a full stage, and a tiered balcony overlook. Keep in mind that a venue like this won't be perfect. You may notice some minor flaws,  but this is all part of the charm and oldness of the building. To find wedding venues like this, look up the National Register of Historic Places online.  

A gorgeous barn venue.

An outdoor wedding at a park or in your backyard. (Don't forget an alternative in case it rains!)

2. Plan Your Table Settings
and Decorating Theme.

Notice the rustic elements (interior architecture, country oak table and table runner) versus the chic elements including  white linens, glassware, candles, chandelier and sheer panels.

Don't be afraid to do go with something bold like these gold linens. This appears to be a backyard wedding, and I love the contrast against the fence in the background.

This table setting has a mirror table top and antique vases which you can sometimes find in a second hand store or Goodwill.

This is one of my favorites! I love the pom-pom decorations and there appear to be white lights strung with them as well which would be gorgeous at night. See below for more pom-pom ideas.

Notice the rustic interior architecture, country oak tables and chairs, versus the elegant white linens, sheer panels, chandelier and flatware.

This is such a simple and elegant table design. The table runner can be made from a long piece of lace fabric and ribbon (tied close to the ground on each side.)

Another gorgeous table design with a rustic, unfinished table and glamorous plates, vases and flowers.

3. Add White Lights, Everywhere!

Something like this is just stunning! A professional wedding planner or decorator could help you pull this off. It's strings of white lights spaced evenly along the barn frame on one side and then brough to a center point.

This is easy to do! These are just white lights wrapped around a tree! You can use battery operated ones or run an extension cord (this will probably be your best bet so that the lights stay bright and you aren't worried about the batteries dying.)

You can find letters like this online pretty easily. I love how they did this for the bar.

3. Hang Some Beautiful Wreaths

4.Add Glamourous Elements!
(including what you wear)

This dress is so gorgeous!

5.Add rustic and chic details that mix it up!

Cute, heart-shaped food picks!
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Simple baby's breath!

These are great for a bridal shower or could be hung in the changing area for bridesmaids!

Add a swing for the kids and for a unique photo opportunity!

A floral garland like this can be wrapped around the ropes on a swing (see picture above), hung vertically through a doorway (you would need multiples), or against a wall for a floral background for photos.

This is an easy and charming detail. Fill an old metal bucket with water and add flowers and floating candles.

Thanks for reading this post! What other ideas do you have?

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  1. I shot a wedding at this place recently. It is such a simple and classic venue to shoot at. The coordinator was also such a pleasure to work with as well as the staff. Would recommend these wedding venues NYC for any couple looking for an intimate wedding!