Friday, May 12, 2017

How to Color Your Blonde Hair Red! DIY at Home!

I was feeling adventurous this week, and have admittedly been bored with my hair lately so I decided to go red! See below for instructions -- it was really easy! I am happy with the results, although I know red can fade quickly so I'm enjoying it while it lasts! I love the shine and my hair definitely feels healthier. I will probably end up going back to blonde at some point, but for now this is definitely fun!

This is what my hair looked like before. It was colored and highlighted. My natural color is a medium to dark brown.

Here is what I did!  I purchased two different colors of L'Oreal Excellence Crème Triple Protection Color Permanent Hair dye, a level 8 "Medium Blonde"  and a level 8 RB "Reddish Blonde." Using the applicator bottle from the level 8 box, I added half of the dye from each box to it, mixed well and applied to my entire head, making sure to get the roots really well. I watched it closely, and rinsed when the roots had lifted, which was about 25 minutes.

Here is another picture. Leave your comments below if you have tried this yourself or have any ideas or suggestions.

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