Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vanity Organization


For a functional and beautiful vanity drawer, line it with your favorite paper and then separate commonly used items into little dishes like these. I love opening this drawer and seeing the bright colors!

I got tired of losing all of my barrettes and hair jewelry, so I made a "bouquet" out of them! It's so easy-- take your favorite vase (this one is from Michael's) and simply hang the barrettes around the mouth of  it. I had fun mixing and matching the rhiinestone, fabric and pearls. Inside the vase, I keep my headbands and bobby pins.

How beautiful is this jewelry stand?!!! I put my rings on top, earrings in the middle and necklaces on the bottom. The colors and design of the glass and the finial on top are just so pretty! From T.J. Maxx!

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